A photo of Nath and an Australian Shepherd Puppy



Amy Hiscock
Coldwater, MI


Tricia Speed
College Station, TX


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Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.

United States Australian Shepherd Association

American Kennel Club

United Kennel Club

North American Dog Agility Council

United States Dog Agility Association

Breed Standard

Illustrated Breed Standard
(By Shelly Hollen - Shalako Australian Shepherds)

Aussie Working Style

Health & Genetics

Comprehensive Australian Shepherd Info

Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics

Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Multidrug Sensitivity

University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program

Morris Animal Foundation


Aussie Board

Western Hills Australian Shepherd Links

Save Our Dogs, a grassroots effort to save working dogs from AB 1634, mandatory spay/neuter

Pedigree & Breeding Information

Australian Shepherd Pedigree Search

Canine Pregnancy Calendar

What is a Puppy Mill?

Rescue Organizations

Australian Shepherd Rescue



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Syn Alia Training Systems